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28 Apr 2020

What is Selenese?

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Selenium IDE commands are shortly known or called as Selenese.

Selenese is the set of selenium commands which are used to test your web application. Tester can test the broken links, existence of some object on the UI, Ajax functionality, Alerts, window, list options and lot more using selenese.

Selenium command tells selenium automation engine to perform certain tasks such as open an URL, click on the button, type in textbox, select dropdown option, and perform many actions such as closing the browser etc. Selenium commands are classified into 3 basic categories.


Commands which change the state of the application are classified as actions, like click on some link, select some options on the page, select a value from drop down etc. It emulates to perform various mouse-based operations for your web-application such as click operation for a link, button, textbox or image. When action is performed on page the test will fail if the action is not successful. Most common action action commands of selenium are:
a. ClickAndWait
b. Click


These commands check the state of the application and stores the application state in some variable. Some examples of accessors are as follows.a. storeTitle
b. storeTextAccessors are also used to evaluate whether the desired result is present on the page and store the result in the variable.


a. storeTextPresent: If text is found on the page then it stores the boolean value as true else store false.
b. storeElementPresent: If UI element is present on the page then it stores boolean value as true else stores false.


Assertions are used like the checkpoints or verification points in automation. Assertion verifies the state of the application conforms to the expected state.


a. verifyText
b. verifyTitle
c. assertText


Selenese taxonomy provides a jargon based structure to selenium framework and community a guidelines to work with best practices

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