CREATE Statement on MYSQL

Create Database

Now let’s see how we can create a new database. However, we can’t create duplicate database with the same name of an existing database.


CREATE DATABASE databasename;


create database testdb;


New database ‘testdb’ will be created

As you see above, we have just created a new database

Tester Usage Tips:

  • Create a new database for test data storage
  • Create a new database as backup of application database for testing
  • Create temporary database for testing ETL or Reports.


Create Table

Now as we have a database, we need to create a table to store and manipulate our required data.

Simply put table is nothing but a combination of rows and columns

Let’s create a new table by the name ‘Persons’ where we would want to store and manipulate a person’s basic demographics information.


USE databasename

CREATE TABLE table_name (
    column1 datatype,
    column2 datatype,
    column3 datatype,


USE employees

    PersonID int,
    LastName varchar(255),
    FirstName varchar(255),
    Address varchar(255),
    City varchar(255)


‘Persons’ table will be created with mentioned columns as above.

Create Table Example

As you see above new table ‘Persons’ is created with specified columns

Tester Usage Tips:

  • Create a new table for application data or test data storage and manipulation