Selenium WebDriver Installation Steps

Step1: Download the required JAR files

Download Selenium WebDriver from ( as marked in below picture.

How to add Selenium Binaries

Extract the downloaded file so that we can get the required JAR file.

Step2: Add a New Java Project in Eclipse IDE

Select  File Menu > NEW > Project


Select ‘Java Project’ & Click on ‘Next’

Add new project_2

Step3: Add Project Name

Enter the name of the project

Add webdriver binaries

Select ‘Java Project’ & Click on ‘Next’

How to add Webdriver binaries

Step4: Add Jar Files in Project Build Path

Right-click on the project “YourProjectName.” Select Build Path->Configure Build Path.

Move to the Libraries tab and click on the “Add External JARs” option. It will open a pop-up for selecting the downloaded JARs.

Add webdriver binaries

Navigate to folder in which all the JARs ( extracted from earlier selenium download )  are available. Select all of them (using Ctrl+A) and then click on the “Open” button. It’ll add all the JAR files in your project’s build path.

Add webdriver binaries

Now click on the “OK” switch to close the window.