Postman tool for testing

What is postman? Why postman?

Postman is API testing tool. It offers a simple user-friendly interface. Using Postman Tool, we can send HTTP request to the service, as well as get their responses, by doing this we can get to know that service is up and running.

Postman Best Practices

  • Always use postman collections to maintain the set of requests as per different requirements
  • Creating postman environments is a better way to use variables for multi execution and different values
  • Under postman “Tests”, we can write our own test scripts for automation of testing of every request in the system. It gives a test results at the end of execution
  • Using Postman “Pre-request Script”, we can run our test scripts before executing a collection of requests
  • Global variables are useful for different values and running the collections in multiple environments

Advantages of Postman

  • Easy understanding features, workflow, and interface
  • A good Usability for user
  • Supportive for most of the HTTP requests /Rest APIs
  • Testing feature for each request along with script
  • Test results in details along with graphical view
  • Environment variable for reusability of method with different values
  • Import and export collections
  • Support team

Disadvantages of postman

  • Its ideal for REST API testing, but its not much compatible for SOAP APIs
  • Low Test script reusability, which makes more effort for tester to create test script for every requests separately
  • Limited integration capabilities with any of the existing systems or tools


  • Here is the comparison of postman with other top tools which can be alternative for API Test automation

Postman Tutorial