Course Process

What is SDET?

SDET stands for Software Development Engineer in Test or Software Design Engineer in Test. SDET professionals are aligned to participate in the development of the software as well as testing the same software developed. They focus on the development of high-quality code and at the same time design the testing framework. SDET also participate in design reviews and processes of the software product.


Advantages of SDET

  1. SDET experts can perform test automation as well as application development by utilizing their coding abilities.
  2. They can manage end clients’ or customers’ problems at the same time they have the capabilities to think like a developer.
  3. They can create, deploy, and run the application independently.
  4. They are capable of building unit test cases for the code also able to execute them.
  5. They have very good domain knowledge.
  6. They have exposure to project management and design teams which helps them to communicate well the user scenarios.


Roles and Responsibilities of SDET

  • SDET are experts: They should be well-versed with multiple programming languages, database concepts, test frameworks, etc. Participation in product design, data design, and user interfaces are required.
  • SDET can code: SDETs should know to build and test products that can meet user expectations. To test any application efficiently, they should understand the code, upon which that application or product is built. The test should go simultaneously right from the unit test until the acceptance and product performance test. An SDET is proficient in all of these testing. SDETs can automate the tests by leveraging their coding skill.
  • SDET is user-friendly: SDETs opinions are important as they know everything about the product. They participated in all levels of product design, works with a product manager, product development team, and end product user as well. They understand the need for a software product as a whole therefore they are very user friendly.
  • Active participation from the beginning:  SDETs are active starting from the development phase and work shoulder to shoulder with the developer to understand the underlying code. They focused on all the steps of the software development lifecycle, they prepare test cases and execute them to find bugs in a software product or application and ensures the high-quality software product release. 
  • Heart and Brain of the Process: Being part of the project management, SDET’s deal with end-users or customers, and their experiences. This all in one job exposure and skill set make SDETs the heart and the brain of the software process.