BrowserStack vs Sauce labs

Compare Browserstack vs Sauce Labs in direct confrontation across features pricing, user satisfaction, stability, and Automation time.


Sauce Labs

BrowserStack is an enterprise focussed software company based out of Mumbai, India.

Sauce Labs is a cloud-based cross-platform testing company, based in San Francisco, California

The basic plan costs $12.50 per month when billed annually for freelancers

The basic plan starts with $19 per month when billed annually.

It is less stable than Sauce Labs because of device compatibility issues.

It is a well-built application with no functional issues regarding device compatibility

The execution of automated tests takes relatively less time in BrowserStack virtual machines.

The execution of automated tests takes several minutes to start in Sauce Labs virtual machines.


Comparing  Browserstack vs Sauce Labs Feature-wise

Browserstack is a highly rated tool because of support for Safari, Chrome, and Opera that comes up with additional web development.

It allows screenshots from various platforms for comparisons, quickly test websites for local development, and offers free JS unit tests for open source projects.

It helps in running concurrent projects in parallel, enables integration with the CI services. 


Sauce Labs is the provider of the largest automated cloud for running Selenium and Appium tests.

It offers support for Linux platforms along with temporary storage to speed up tests for native mobile apps.

It also offer free minutes for manual testing at paid tariff plans but is sometimes slow with less effective support. 


Advantages of BrowserStack Testing

  1. Testing of all the browsers can be done from a single control point.
  2. The compatibility of an older version of browsers can be tested.
  3. Nearly all devices and browsers can be tested through BrowserStack.
  4. BrowserStack supports the testing of the application in different resolutions.


Disadvantage of BrowserStack Testing

  1. Response time is not as quick as it is performed on virtual machines.
  2. It is not an open-source tool.
  3. All kinds of bugs cannot be identified using this tool.


How to setup BrowserStack

To use browser stack, follow the below steps;

  1. First, you need to create an account with the BrowserStack. Navigate to BrowerStack page.
  2. Next, you need to sign up with BrowserStack.

  3. After the successful creation of an account, you need to log in with BrowserStack. Click on the Sign in button and navigate to the login page.

    Login to BrowserStack

  4.  Choose the live interactive cross-browser testing option from the products dropdown and start testing.

Alternate Method:

If you have browser stack in your OKTA then follow the below steps to browse the tool:

  1. Login to OKTA
  2. Install the OKTA browser plugin and add the plugin to your extension.

    OKta Plugin

  3. In OKTA search for BrowserStack and click on it.