BrowserStack App Automate

BrowserStack App Automate enables instant Selenium testing on desktop browsers, real Android, and iOS devices. Hundreds of parallel tests can be run concurrently and debug using text logs, console logs, network logs, screenshots, and video recordings.

Websites hosted in development or testing environments can be tested while running automated Selenium and JS tests on desktop browsers, real iOS, and Android devices.


How to test using the Live feature

Test and debugging on a website hosted in development or testing environments on desktop browsers, real iOS, and Android devices can be done as below.

  • Click on Live, you will be getting the screen
  • You can see Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS on the left side

  • Select device
    If you have chosen any device to test, then hover on the device you will be getting the browsers
  • Select any browser

  • After some time, the phone will get start and Chrome browser will be opened

  • Reporting a bug:
    In the above-provided screenshot left side, you will get an option to report a bug, on click of the Report bug user will be able to report a bug to their project, for example- Jira tool.
    Report bug in BrowserStack

Interactively test and debug your native and hybrid mobile applications that use development or testing environments on real iOS and Android devices.


BrowserStack App automates feature

Test your native and hybrid mobile applications that use development or testing environments while running automated tests on real iOS and Android devices.

  • Integrate with BrowserStack using Appium, Espresso, XCUITest, and EarlGrey.
  • Test your builds faster by running tests concurrently across thousands of devices.
  • Instant access to a wide range of Real iOS and Android devices for more accurate App testing results.
  • Test your apps on internal development and staging environments or behind firewalls, with zero setups or configuration.
  • Debug your Apps instantly using text logs, video recordings, and screenshots of the test run.
  • Never upload the same build twice. Use REST API to query your most recent builds or upload a new build.


How to test using App Live feature

Test instantly on a wide range of real iOS and Android devices on the cloud. Say goodbye to your device lab.

  • Choose from multiple app testing workflows such as direct uploads, beta distribution tool integrations, build tool integrations, or App Store/Play Store installation.
  • Perform regression testing and reproduce production bugs on apps published on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Test native device features
    • Geolocation Testing
    • Push Notifications
    • Pre-loaded images
    • Network Simulation
    • Test dependent apps
    • Google Pay
    • In-app Purchase
  • Ensure a consistent and bug-free experience by testing localized versions of your app on our wide range of iOS and Android devices.
  • The local Testing feature allows you to test your apps on your development and staging environments. All server calls that your mobile application makes over development/staging network, will work out of the box! No set up required. Just install the BrowserStack extension or desktop app to enable Local Testing.
  • Test functionality and performance in real-world network conditions such as poor connectivity, fluctuating network, and loss of network. Choose from a list of preset profiles or configure a custom profile.